The St. John Paul II Foundation is a national Catholic apostolate proclaiming the good news about life and family through education and formation. We pursue our mission through our three hallmark initiatives:

Our passion to pursue our mission from the heart of the Church and our steadfast commitment to genuine collaboration allows us to successfully educate, inspire, and empower medical professionals, clergy, and spouses nationwide.

It is our distinct honor to collaborate closely with dioceses, hospitals, and universities in local communities across the nation. With unparalleled commitment to excellence and prayerful perseverance, together with our dedicated partners and generous supporters, we work for the most noble of causes: Life and Family.


“Only a re-evangelization can assure the growth of a clear and deep faith…Do not be afraid! Open, indeed, open wide the doors to Christ!” — St. John Paul II


Wonderful presentations with information and theology, pastoral approach, and love of Church and sensitivity to the parishioners we minister to. –Nashville Participating Priest

I was very happy and helped by the professional competence, clarity, pastoral charity and strong Catholic faith of presentations on these issues where God's people are being particularly challenged. We priests may often want to avoid these hard issues. You are helping us confront them as ministers of Christ. –San Antonio Participating Priest

The Diocese of Tulsa is in great need of this type of event more than once a year, or once every so often... I am grateful to Bishop Konderla and his assistance in bringing this organization to Tulsa. –Tulsa Attendee

We read somewhere that when we give, we cooperate with God in not only our own redemption, but in the redemption of others.  As good stewards of the gifts God has given us we choose to give to the Foundation because its work is both formative and redemptive and we feel that our financial gifts are well managed by thoughtful and purposeful leadership. –Christi and Dean Quinn, Founders’ Circle Members

Working full-time in a wing of the 'field hospital' of the Church, it’s always a joy for me to talk to the clergy who are serving on the front lines of the spiritual battlefield, providing pastoral first aid to the individuals and families they serve. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the Shepherd's Heart program to provide valuable formation opportunities for my brother priests and deacons, as we share in the Church’s mission to speak the truth in love. –Fr. Philip G. Bochanski, Executive Director Courage International

Shepherd’s Heart helps us to preach the Gospel of life and Gospel of the family as good news that sets us free. Our people need to receive this teaching from their pastors who are called to be watchmen and true pastors who help form schools of love in the family. –Reverend Victor Perez

I think every married couple should attend one of these events once a year, it's a great way to renew your love with your spouse! –San Francisco attendee

This is our second year attending Together in Holiness…We love coming because it reminds us to protect the sanctity of our marriage. It keeps us accountable to live out our vocation to not only one another but to God too! –Houston attendee

It was very exciting to be able to share and learn with my spouse since we unfortunately do not have much time to do that in our daily lives. Setting time aside without distractions and meeting other couples who are traveling the same road was very comforting and empowering! –San Antonio attendee

We will work harder on ministering to each other! We were inspired to be more spiritual and faith-filled role models to our family and others. It was so important to us, also, to be able to adore the Blessed Sacrament, pray the Benediction, and to attend the Holy Mass with our bishop. –Orlando attendee

I am pleased to welcome this marriage initiative into the archdiocese. My hope is that spouses from across the archdiocese will be blessed and strengthened in their noble vocation by participating in this event. –His Eminence, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

It was amazing. I am a med student and this is going to help me stay confident in Catholic teaching and not violate my beliefs in training and clinical practice. Thank you. –Houston Attendee

I think that given the timeframe, you did a tremendous job overall covering various aspects of a complex and emergent topic that, sooner or later, will touch all of us. I found the content interesting, relevant, and stimulating for further research and inquiry. –Worcester Attendee

Excellent conference! The speakers were phenomenal; they presented the material very well and they were very knowledgeable. –Nashville participating physician

It’s been a pleasure and blessing to work with the Converging Roads team from the St. John Paul II Foundation. They make it easy to have an incredible conference that meets the needs of physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals. The conferences are practical, accessible, and inspiring. Converging Roads helps us grow as a local chapter of the CMA. –Dr. Carla Falco

In society today we need medical professionals who live the faith, who know the beauty of the faith, and carry it out in the care of their patients. I encourage all involved to attend this inspiring conference. –His Eminence, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

The need to better equip health care professionals to realize the highest ethical and medical standards of their profession is particularly necessary today. This is especially true in our rapidly changing culture. The topics and speakers of this conference are sure to inspire and embolden you as you give witness to the dignity of human life in the health care profession. –His Excellency, Steven J. Lopes Bishop, Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter

In giving of our time, talent, and treasure to the St. John Paul II Foundation, we receive more than we give. –Janet and Will Cravens, Founders' Circle Members

The St. John Paul II Foundation will heed the call of their patron to make use of a 'new evangelization – new in its ardor, methods, and expression,' as they cultivate a culture that respects life and strengthens marriages and families. I believe the educational initiatives of the Foundation have much to offer local churches today. –Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles

There is a distinct need for an apostolate rooted in the new evangelization that can bring hope in the face of family brokenness and clarity in the face of moral confusion. –Arland K. Nichols, Founding President





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